No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Gov. Cuomo has #NERVE!

The presumptuous audacity to charge any volunteer, or more precisely put the #Heroes, whom get paid from their own state at it’s hourly rate yet now will be paying the high rate of #NewYork taxing %. Can you believe his gall? They are not getting paid the hourly rate set for New York & are only being paid from their own state. This is just plainly a huge kick in their teeth for being their saving grace 🙁 #ShamelessInNewYork

Next time he asks for their help will those being treated this way run to his aide or think twice of the consequences?

What would you do if asked to come back after being treated is such a ungrateful manner?

What a way to say #Thanks #GovCuomo

Cuomo Plans to Charge State Income Taxes to Hero Healthcare Workers Who Traveled to New York to Fight Coronavirus



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