Asymptomatic or Paradoxical Carrier are they like News Reporters?

Facts vs Panic

As we all have been online & can find from one degree to the other the amount of information regarding the COVID-19 Virus and what to do about it. The amount of information can be a bit confusing as you have those that just want to place blame regardless of facts. MSM Main stream media has become an acting profession that has truly in our opinion hurt our country more than imaginable.

Growing up 50-60 yrs ago we used to make fun of the Russian news source Pravda. In Russian the word Pravda means the truth”. Because it was 99% propaganda and not the truth. What we have noticed over the last few years is our MSM has become just like Pravda or worse. The real question is how many years have they been trying to deceive us?

How honest news is told… News stories are written in the inverted pyramid style. This means all the important information — most of the 5 W’s — can be found in the lead. Information and quotes are added according to their importance. The least important information can be found at the bottom of the story, or pyramid. Headline. Lead. Important Facts. Facts.

So keeping to the COVID19 theme here is the question: Is the typical MSM reporter more like an Asymptomatic or Paradoxical Carrier?

Asymptomatic Carriers ProPublica’s health reporter Caroline Chen explains what the conversation around asymptomatic coronavirus carriers is missing, and what we need to understand if we’re going to beat this nefarious virus together by Caroline Chen April 2, 2020

Here are some examples:

NY Times – Here the article spreads their opinion as if they can predict the future & plays both sides of the coin with the lack of facts or misleading info within it’s message. Written By James Glanz, Lauren Leatherby, Matthew Bloch, Mitch Smith, Larry Buchanan, Jin Wu and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs on March 20, 2020. After reading this article I reread it noticing the many times these authors are playing devils advocate stating they know just how the outcome will be if the country does not take extreme measures. The problem with these types of articles is that they produce fear without facts. They imposed their opinions yet their opinions seem to waver throughout the article. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/03/20/us/coronavirus-model-us-outbreak.html

Paradoxical Carrier “You’re likely most infectious right after you contract the virus, possibly before you know you’re sick.” The information found in this article shares https://ctmirror.org/2020/04/02/what-we-need-to-understand-about-asymptomatic-carriers-if-were-going-to-beat-coronavirus/

Here are some examples:

So if you take the above examples of Asymptomatic or Paradoxical Carries guess you could say they show symptoms of both or maybe it is just a case of bias political motives.


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